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Merit Brass - Your Partner in Streamlined Solutions

Quality. Innovation. Experience.

At Merit Brass, we understand the challenges faced by PVF wholesale distributors, the industries you serve and those you interact with such as contractors and engineers. We've built a legacy of delivering not just products, but comprehensive solutions tailored to serve your needs and set you up for success with your customers.

Our Commitment to Quality Connections

As a leading pipe nipple manufacturer and PVF master distributor, we prioritize delivering consistent, high-quality connections that stand up to the demands of your customers and their projects. We recognize the importance of efficient processes. We strive to get the right materials to your doorstep with unmatched speed and reliability, solving the logistical challenges commonly faced in the PVF industry.

Innovation at Your Service

Our commitment to continuous improvement goes beyond streamlining processes. Merit Brass is dedicated to evaluating and integrating cutting-edge PVF products, such as press fittings and valves, into our offerings. This commitment is a testament to our focus on providing innovative engineered solutions that address the evolving needs of our industry. We go beyond a standard product portfolio, offering personalized services that drive profitability and contribute to a safe and sustainable infrastructure.

Merit Brass strategically aligns with supply chain partners who share our commitment to exceeding expectations. As a result, you experience consistency in product and high-quality products that meet industry standards. Furthermore, our supply chain partners drive innovation throughout their businesses with one goal in mind: on-time product delivery.


The Merit Experience: Your Partner in Growth

We're not just here to meet expectations; we're here to exceed them. Our approach is creative, and our support extends beyond your immediate needs to foster your growth strategies. Explore our services, some of which include Warehouse on Wheels (WOW) flatbed runs, indent capabilities, and technologies such as EDI, VMI and our customer portal, MBWebXpress.


Adding Value in Your Industry

As a manufacturer and master distributor, Merit Brass is committed to revolutionizing wholesale distribution in the pipe, valve & fitting industry.  Our team, driven by innovation and guided by 5S lean manufacturing principles, is dedicated to adding value to your supply chainClick below to discover how Merit Brass serves the unique needs of wholesale distributors who serve contractors, engineers and more on piping systems in their industries.

Since 1937, Merit has served the plumbing & industrial markets with our product offering of pipe, pipe nipples, pipe fittings, pipe flanges, valves, stainless steel tubing, thread tape, and press fittings & valves.  If you have custom pipe nipple needs, Merit’s manufacturing capabilities are the solution for you.  

Diverse Alloys for Your PVF Projects

At Merit, we recognize that your piping systems demand diverse solutions.  Our product portfolio is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of wholesale distributors and those involved in those projects including contractors and engineers in the pipe, valve & fitting industry.  We offer a range of alloys, including:  stainless steel, brass, copper, forged carbon steel, chrome-plated brass and aluminum.

To empower your decision-making process, we invite you to explore the specific features and applications of each alloy.  Click on the images below to dive into the details of our alloys and the piping components that we offer in each.  Discover how they can contribute to the success of your projects.  


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