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Merit Brass’ 85+ year history demonstrates a commitment to sustainability across all vertical markets within the PVF industry. Your Merit Experience includes a complete line of piping products, flow control devices, and piping systems with solutions that bring a lifetime of value. As a family-owned and operated business, we have the flexibility to work with you and your customers in personalized and creative ways. Merit’s commitment to quality extends beyond our products; but carries into the service-solutions we bring the industries we serve (residential & commercial plumbing, oil & gas, HVAC, OEM, etc.)


Manufacturing Services

As a manufacturer of pipe nipples, we are experienced in producing high quality connections. Merit Brass' manufacturing process incorporates the principles of 5S and lean manufacturing. Our talented manufacturing team continuously innovates processes and advances our technological capabilities with quality and delivery in mind.

Associates have co-designed and developed s-head threading technology and have worked diligently to optimize Merit Brass' CNC machining capabilities. We understand that your needs can be unique, which is why we have the flexibility to provide custom piping and pipe nipple fabrication.

Merit Brass can customize to any length or per print needs. We offer a wide array of threaded and machined ends in:

Types of Threaded Ends:

  • NPSL (National Pipe Straight Locknut)
  • NPSM (National Pipe Straight Mechanical)
  • NPT (National Pipe Thread)
  • BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread)
  • And more...


Types of Machined Ends: 

  • Plain Roller Cut - the end is cut with a roller pipe cutter; no additional machining is performed
  • Threaded   
  • Square Ream - a machining process that cuts the end of the pipe on a 90 degree angle to the wall
  • Ream & Chamfer - a machining process that cuts the end of the pipe on an angle (usually 38 to 42 degrees) to the wall
  • Roll Groove - a piece of pipe is cold formed to make a circular and extensive groove in the pipe; a groove is created without removing any pipe material
  • Cut Groove - a groove is performed by turning the pipe on a lathe, removing metal from the outside surface of the pipe to create the groove
  • Bending - 1/8" - 1" diameter pipe bending per print only
  • OD & ID Machining - per print only
  • Victaulic Groove - a groove is cut into the wall of the pipe used to make an airtight connection without threads


Warehouse Services

Merit Brass understands the value you place on your inventory which is why our team takes great pride and care in packing your product from picking to packing through to shipment. Our six locations were selected with one-day service in mind and designed to include a will call counter for quick order processing and convenient pickup.

Merit Brass' warehouse team regularly profiles inventory positions to optimize our service to you because we know your needs continuously change. Our principles of 5S are exercised daily throughout our order fulfillment process to meet your order requirements error-free. Merit works with you on creative solutions that support your corporate initiatives and help manage any challenges you may have

  • Six Convenient Locations - Cleveland, OH Headquarters; Birmingham, AL Distribution Center; Dallas, TX Distribution Center; Houston, TX Distribution Center; Sparks, NV Distribution Center; and Long Beach, CA Pipe Depot
  • Will Call Pickup
  • RF Scanning - technologically enhanced product picking to reduce associate footprints throughout the warehouse. Using a bar code system, product can be received and distributed more accurately and expediently. With the addition of this technology, Merit has reduced errors and customer service personnel are able to communicate stock checks in real-time, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. 
  • Indent and Factory Direct Capabilities - creative programs designed to give you access to large inventories inside and outside of the United States
  • Shipping Cut-Off Times - ensures timely and accurate delivery of your needs
  • WOW (Warehouse on Wheesls) Flatbed Services - combats LTL refusals to transport pipe and delivers your pipe quickly and safely
  • Crating or Nesting of Pipe and Tubing
  • Further peace of mind to safely transport your piping investments


Procurement Practices

As a master distributor, Merit Brass' journey continues to be focused on connecting customers with mating parts (pipe fittings, pipe flanges, valves, pipe, tubing) that mirror the same quality of our manufactured pipe nipples. Our strategic vendor alliances span over a combined 150 years across 20 reputable vendors. Members of Merit Brass' executive leadership team make annual visits to our vendors to fortify our long-term relationships and evaluate vendor innovations and process streamlining.

In addition, Merit's vendor relations result in global market intelligence around piping components, products that meet industry specifications, and innovative solutions to your challenges


Technological Services

Merit Brass recognizes that the world of technology is moving at an exponential pace; and we know that it impacts you in how you navigate through your customers' needs. We believe in investing in technology that not only increases internal efficiencies but helps you access Merit on your time

Merit Brass' talented IT team works with every department to continuously advance your Merit Experience through technology.   In addition, Merit has a department, E-Business Programs,  dedicated to working with you to manage these technologies.


  • MBWebXpress - our customer web portal offers you the ability to: request quotations, process returns, access detailed product information, check inventory, and obtain your personalized pricing.




  • Email Services - our customers have the ability to receive packing slips, order confirmations, and estimates via email. With the receipt of your packing slip, you will know which material is shipping, what has been backordered (if anything) as well as receive tracking numbers for your shipment. With order confirmations, you will receive pricing, availability, and form of transportation prior to the processing of your order. Upon receipt of this confirmation, we enable our customers to contact us with any corrections within 1 hour. After an hour elapses, we release your order to the shipping department. Finally, with our estimate response forms, you will receive pricing and stock status of the product(s) you are inquiring about. 



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