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Becoming a Part of the Merit Family

Welcome to the start of connecting with a family where you are challenged to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing organization; and more importantly, where your effort plays a key role in Merit Brass’ and its customers’ success. Merit Brass takes pride in the team we have and continue to build.  

Learn More About Your Merit Experience

From your application to your interview through to your onboarding, Merit Brass is committed to communication that creates a positive work environment and experience for you. Check out how simple Merit’s process is as you start your journey to becoming a Merit Associate.

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From Application to Member of the Merit Family: The Merit Brass Process

The first step to becoming a Merit associate is applying. Merit Brass takes pride in the opportunities our organization brings to potential candidates. We look forward to working with you during your job application process. The application process is simply and easy:

Merit Brass Onboarding Process



Onboarding: Here’s What You Can Expect Next!

At your onboarding, Merit Brass looks forward to congratulating you on officially joining our family! As a member of our team, you can look forward to a work environment surrounded by passionate individuals. Your onboarding is critical to helping you navigate your future at Merit. 

On your hire date, you will meet the Merit Team and the various leaders of Merit Brass. Your manager and Human Resources will coordinate your orientation and begin a training program tailored to your role. Each role carries a different timeline for training but all of it is designed with you in mind. 

As you continue with your development, you will receive feedback in the form of 30, 60, and 90 day reviews as well as regular one-on-one meetings. One of Merit Brass' fundamentals is to be a lifelong learner which is why the feedback we give you sets you up for continued growth and success

Your manager and HR will check on you regularly; but don't hesitate to take a proactive approach and reach out to share your thoughts and needs.  

Meet the Merit Family

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