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As a member of the pipe, valve & fitting (PVF) industry for over 85 years, Merit Brass’ longevity and experience in brass is why we chose to complement our quality offering of piping components with chrome-plated brass. We understand how our customers need a solution that prevents corrosion, is easy to clean, and has a smooth and shiny surface.   

Chrome-plated brass is a metal that is electroplated. Electroplating is when a metal finish coats or is put on top of another metal. For chrome-plated brass, the brass is coated with a chromium or chrome-plated finish. As a result, you achieve the strength and durability of brass with the aesthetic appeal of a chrome-plated finish.  


Due to its chromium layer, chrome-plated brass increases the hardness and durability of a surface. Not only is chrome-plated brass a tough metal because of its ability to hold up well to strength and brutal temperatures, but it also prevents corrosion because it has the natural malleable durability of brass. The brass alloy is a combination of copper and zinc.  

Chrome Plated Pipe

There are several industries which are prone to rust and corrosion that choose chrome-plated brass. These include industrial applications, residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, food service, and medical facilities. 

For both residential and commercial plumbing, the aesthetics of chrome make them an ideal solution. In both commercial and food service, chrome-plated brass piping systems are chosen because of their resistance to corrosion; and for food service, resistance to bacterial growth. Similarly, medical facilities enjoy these benefits in addition to the durability of this alloy. 

Some examples of specific installations include: schools, hospitals, shopping centers, light irrigation, automotive and transportation, architecture & construction, marine, waterworks, compressed air systems, and pool and spa. 

Some additional factors to consider when selecting chrome-plated brass as the alloy for your project include:

  1. Cost – Chrome plated is a more expensive solution. However, many see the benefits of corrosion resistance, durability, and its aesthetics override its cost.
  2. Water Quality – Cleaning and maintenance is important with any piping system. Make sure you understand the quality of the water used in the system as scaling or mineral deposits can occur where hard water or water with high mineral content is used. It is very important to minimize these issues.
  3. Proper Installation - Always consult your project team prior to installing chrome plated  into your piping system. This ensures that the alloy will perform according to the application’s needs. It is equally important to ensure that you are following the proper installation instructions. 

Chrome Plated Brass Product Offering

Characteristics of Chrome Plated Brass 

  • High corrosion resistance 

  • Smooth surface 

  • Shiny, aesthetic finish 

Reasons to Use Chrome Plated Brass 

  • Improves the structure of the surface 

  • Extremely durable 

  • Resists corrosion making it suitable for extreme environments 

Benefits of Chrome Plated Brass 

  • Reduced risk of delamination; chrome-plating holds up well over a long period of time 

  • Won’t rust 

  • Has the natural malleable durability of brass 

  • Easy to clean  


High Strength Resistance


High Temperature Resistance


Increased Hardness


Increased Durability

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