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At Merit Brass, our mission is to set the industry standard for the highest total value of products and services. Our product line management team evaluates opportunities to expand our offering with products that serve your continued needs. In 2011, Merit added A105-N Forged Carbon Steel Fittings and Outlets to our portfolio of piping components.

Forged carbon steel is created through a steel forging process that maximizes the forged materials’ natural strength and machinability. It’s a steel that contains a high level of carbon as well as other alloys such as nickel, titanium, manganese, chromium, tungsten, and more. There are three main carbon steel grades that contain different levels of carbon:

A105n Forged Carbon Steel FittingsTo identify if forged carbon steel has been heat treated, the ASTM specification A105 will denote it as such. A105 forged carbon steel is typically used in piping applications with higher temperature service; and it has also not been heat treated.

A105N forged carbon steel means that the material has normalization heat treatment. Normalization provides better performance and strength in low temperature applications. It also results in a superior metal that works well in high pressure applications.

Forged carbon steel is used in a variety of piping systems that handle oil, water, natural gas, and steam including oil & gas, chemical, automotive & transportation, architecture & construction, aerospace, mining, and marine.


Characteristics of Forged Carbon Steel

Reasons to Use Forged Carbon Steel

Benefits of Forged Carbon Steel

Merit’s Forged Carbon Steel Product Portfolio

Merit's Carbon Steel ASTM A420 Product Portfolio



Merit's CarbonPress Fitting OfferingMerit has the most comprehensive inventory of carbon press fittings with over 400 SKUs.  Our ASTM A420 CarbonPress® fitting offering includes both HNBR, FKM and EPDM sealing elements in size ranges 1/2" - 4" .  This system is suitable for use on steel pipes conforming to ASTM A53, A106, A135, A795 (schedule 10 or 40).  CarbonPress® fittings have a first to market Visual Indicator Press Ring® (VIPR®) which gives redundancy in identifying unpressed connections.  



High Pressure Applications


A105 Normalized Heat Treatment


Resists Cracking



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