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From the solutions we provide to the products we offer; we place a large emphasis on quality as a manufacturer and master distributor in the PVF industry. We understand how important product quality and consistency is for OEMs as well as on-time delivery

Merit Pipe Nipple OEM Installation

So, what does OEM mean? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM is a company that manufactures products that incorporate components of another company's product. The companies that OEMs purchase components from act as a VAR (Value Added Reseller). The Value Added Reseller helps add value to the final product because their product or service is incorporated into the final product. 

OEMs have the flexibility to build products to any specification whereas ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) must build a predetermined design. OEMs also have full creative control of the design of the product that is being manufactured; therefore, products often need to be customized to fit unique applications. 

At Merit, our manufacturing capabilities and our commitment to quality, provide OEMs with an opportunity to procure specially fabricated pipe nipples and related piping components that meet your specification requirements such as ASTM and ASME. Our wholesale partners are committed to working with Merit and OEMs to optimize your assembly

Brass and stainless steel are commonly used in OEM applications because of their excellent corrosion resistance. Various types of OEM applications need alloys that can handle high temperatures and high pressures which is why brass and stainless steel are often used. 

Since many OEM applications are specific to different jobs and industries, it’s important that the products being used throughout the production facilities are durable. Not only do the products used in OEM facilities need to resist wear and tear, but they also need to provide longevity. Many OEMs are manufacturing specific components for the same companies all the time so it’s crucial that the finished parts are extremely consistent and always provide the same results 

Plumbing products such as pipe nipples and pipe fittings are part of the machines and designs found in OEM production facilities where components are manufactured in industries such as automotive, software, and food & beverage. A wide variety of shapes, sizes, widths, and finishes are used throughout OEM plants. For these reasons, brass and stainless steel threaded pipe fittings are prevalent.   

At Merit, we recognize that there is a wide variety of applications for piping productsWe provide our customers with custom pipe nipple fabrication solutions. Merit understands that OEM production facilities utilize a tremendous amount of pipe nipples which is why we partner with wholesale distributors to deliver on time and in full, high quality custom & standard pipe nipples.  



Our 85+ years of experience provides us access to strategic vendor alliances who are equally dedicated to providing consistent products that conform to ASTM and ASME specifications; and quality that is unparalleled.

Common Products of Merit Used for OEM Applications



Corrosion Resistant


Tolerant of High Temperatures







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