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At Merit Brass, we are committed to providing our customers with new and innovative solutions that will help complete the piping projects of tomorrow. In addition to CopperPress® and StainlessPress® fittings and valves, Merit also offers CarbonPress®, our line of carbon steel press fittings. CarbonPress® fittings allow pipes to be joined mechanically without threading or soldering; no solvents, thread sealants, or open flames are required.

CarbonPress® fittings are easy to install and require less technical skills as compared to brazing, soldering, and welding. Overall project costs are up to 50% less than those made with other joining methods due to labor and auxiliary material savings. In addition, project planning is streamlined for owners, engineers, general contractors, and plumbing contractors saving both time and money in project execution.


Merit's CarbonPress® fittings have the most comprehensive offering for your carbon press applications with over 400 SKUs including couplings, elbows, tees, adapters, fitting reducers, caps, unions, and flanges. CarbonPress® fittings are available in sizes ½” – 4” (2-1/2" - 4" NOW AVAILABLE) in EPDM, FKM & HNBR sealing elements.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is used for water applications, HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) for gas applications and FKM (Fluorelastomer) for industrial applications. The CarbonPress® EPDM sealing element is black in color, the HNBR sealing element is yellow in color and the FKM sealing element is brown in color.  

CarbonPress® fittings do require tooling to make the connection with the pipe. The type of tooling used in these applications physically “presses” the fittings onto the pipe creating a mechanically sound joint. Merit’s CarbonPress® can be pressed with Milwaukee or Rigid press tools and the associated jaws and rings for carbon steel applications.


In addition to saving customers time and money, CarbonPress® fittings have many benefits and features. CarbonPress® fittings are designed for ease of installation with project time and costs in mind. Each fitting has a dual leak detection feature which helps identify unpressed connections. The engineered sealing elements are designed to leak before they are pressed, giving a visual indication of a connection that has not been pressed. 

Merit Brass is the first to market the VIPR® (Visual Indicator Press Ring®), which is standard on CarbonPress® as well as our CopperPress® and StainlessPress® product lines. The VIPR® allows for easy identification of the application and unpressed connections even from 30 feet in the air.

The VIPR® is a PVC band that can easily be removed once the connection is completely pressed for fittings 1/2" - 2". Along with the VIPR®, the box and bag labels are color-coded to the application indicating the sealing element material which allows for ease of receipt but also ensures a proper and safe installation. EPDM fittings have a green VIPR® for water applications, HNBR fittings have a yellow VIPR® for gas applications and FKM fittings have a white VIPR® for industrial applications.  


Merit CarbonPress® Fittings

CarbonPress® Benefits & Features

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7/27/2023 12:15:19 PM

CarbonPress® Frequently Asked Questions

Which applications can use Merit's line of CarbonPress® fittings?

Merit’s carbon steel press fittings can be used anywhere traditional fittings and valves are used. These applications include plumbing and heating, commercial, and industrial applications where gas, low-pressure steam, liquids, or oils are conveyed.

What are CarbonPress® fittings made of?

CarbonPress® fittings are constructed of ASTM A420 carbon steel and have a Zn-Ni (zinc nickel alloy) plating.

How does the Zn-Ni plating maintain its corrosion resistance?

Zinc-nickel plating is used across a wide range of industries. It combines the sacrificial coating properties of zinc with the strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance of nickel.

What type of piping should be used with CarbonPress®?

Steel pipes conforming to ASTM A53, A106, A135, A795 (schedule 10 to 40), and black iron, epoxy coated, and galvanized steel are suitable for use with Merit’s line of carbon steel press fittings.

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