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Merit Brass' commitment to quality for your piping systems continues with our line of press fittings and valves in copper branded as CopperPress®.  Merit Press also includes StainlessPress® fittings and valves and CarbonPress® fittings.  Merit Press products such as CopperPress® allow tubes to be joined mechanically without threading or soldering which provides up to 50% in savings on overall project costs.


Merit's CopperPress® product offering includes elbows, tees, couplings, reducers, caps, adapters, unions, flanges, and valves.  CopperPress® is available in sizes 1/2" - 4" in the EPDM (Water) sealing element.  CopperPress® fittings offer a 50-year limited warranty and valves offer a 5-year limited warranty.

We understand how important proper installation of piping components is to contractors, owners, engineers, and wholesale distributors.  Merit Brass' patented Visual Indicator Press Ring® (VIPR®) makes it easy for contractors to identify the application and any unpressed connections even from 30 feet in the air.


The VIPR® is a PVC band that can easily be removed once the connection is pressed.  The VIPR®, along with the box and bag labels, are color-coded to the application indicating the sealing element material.  This allows for ease of receipt and ensures a safe and proper installation.

Additionally, CopperPress® fittings and valves have a working pressure of 300 psi.  The temperature range for CopperPress® fittings and valves is 0°F to 250°F.  CopperPress® is currently certified to IAPMO Z1117, ICC-ED LC1002, NSF/ANSI/CAN 61, NSF/ANSI/CAN 372, and ASME B16.51.


Merit CopperPress® Fittings

CopperPress® Benefits & Features

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8/16/2023 12:28:06 PM

CopperPress® Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Merit Brass' press products instead of those joined by traditional methods (soldering, brazing, welding, threading, etc.)?

Press connections can be made in the fraction of the time required by other joining methods, and no open flame or flame permit is required. Faster installations translate into significant labor savings. Connections made by pressings are sound, simple, clean, and provide an economical alternative to other means of joining tube.

Where can Merit Brass' line of CopperPress® fittings be used?

Anywhere traditional copper fittings are used - plumbing and heating, hot, chilled, and process water systems, and commercial or industrial applications where gas, low pressure steam, or liquids are conveyed.

How long does it take to make a CopperPress® connection?

A press connection can be made in less than a minute with preparing the tube taking 30 seconds or less (deburring and marking insertion depth) and the actual pressing only a few seconds - literally the time it takes to insert the tube and cycle the tool. Unlike other methods, full structural integrity and sealing capability is realized immediately.

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CopperPress® Features

Learn how Merit Brass' CopperPress® fittings and valves provide customers with a high quality engineered product by watching our video today on the key features!

CopperPress® Benefits & Features

Learn how CopperPress® enables your customers to quickly and safely install press fittings and valves with ease. 

CopperPress® Fitting Product Demo

CopperPress® installation made easy! Learn how Merit Press Technology saves you time and money on your projects. Merit Brass' CopperPress® fittings and valves provides customers with a high quality engineered product. Our CopperPress® offering mates with copper tubing.

CopperPress® Approved Applications

Learn about the approved applications of Merit's CopperPress® line. These press fittings enable your customers to safely and quickly install piping systems with ease. 

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