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Merit's legacy has been built around delivering consistent, high quality products since 1937. Merit Brass has decades of experience with stainless steel piping products. Our portfolio has expanded to include stainless press fittings and valves to complement our stainless steel pipe offering. Merit's brands of CopperPress®, StainlessPress®, and CarbonPress®, allow pipes and tubes to be joined mechanically without threading or soldering


Merit's StainlessPress® product offering includes elbows, tees, couplings, reducers, caps, adapters, unions, flanges, and valves. StainlessPress® is available in sizes 1/2" - 2" in EPDM (Water), FKM (Industrial) & HNBR (Gas) sealing elements. StainlessPress® fittings offer a 15-year limited warranty and valves offer a 5-year limited warranty

At Merit Brass, we understand the PVF industry; and we understand how important safe & efficient project completion is to contractors, owners, engineers, and wholesale distributors. StainlessPress® installations typically have a cost savings up to 50% compared to those made with other joining methods due to labor and auxiliary materials. 


Merit Brass' patented Visual Indicator Press Ring® (VIPR®) makes it easy for contractors to identify the application and unpressed connections. The VIPR® is a PVC band that can easily be removed by the installer once the press installation is complete.

The VIPR®, as well as the box and bag labels, are color-coded to the application which indicates the sealing element material. This allows for ease of receipt and ensures a safe and proper installation for the application. EPDM fittings have a green VIPR® for water applications, FKM fittings have a green VIPR® for industrial applications and HNBR fittings have a yellow VIPR® for gas applications.


StainlessPress Installation

StainlessPress® Benefits & Features


10/19/2023 1:56:55 PM

StainlessPress® Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Merit's line of stainless steel press fittings be used?

Anywhere traditional fittings are used - plumbing and heating, commercial, and indudtrial applications where gas, steam, liquids or vacuums are conveyed.

Some other manufacturers used 304 or 304L stainless steel? Why do you use 316L?

316 stainless steel exhibits better corrosion resistance and is stronger at elevated temperatures than 304. This is primarily due to the addition of molybdenum which is not contained in 304 stainless steel. The 316L stainless steel is hygienic, exceptionally durable, and corrosion resistant, not affected by UV radiation, resistant to erosion corrosion, and is visually attractive. The 316L material costs more than 304, but it results in a superior product.

What are StainlessPress® fittings made of?

Constructed of 316L as per the ASTM AISI specification.

Why is stainless steel a better choice than PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), PVC or CPVC?

Plastic piping and fittings can burn and distort during a fire event, and in many cases will emit toxic smoke. Stainless Steel is not flammable. Stainless Steel is also more dimensionally stable than plastics when exposed to thermal fluctuations.


StainlessPress® Fitting Product Demo

Save time using Merit's line of stainless steel press fittings and valves branded as StainlessPress®! Watch our brief video on how StainlessPress® is quick and easy to install.

StainlessPress® Installation Instructions

Learn how to quickly and safely install our StainlessPress® fittings and valves by watching our video today!

StainlessPress® Approved Applications

Discover which applications are approved to use EPDM & HNBR StainlessPress® fittings and valves.


StainlessPress® Certifications

Learn about the list of certifications that StainlessPress® fittings and valves qualify for.

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