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PTFE Thread Tape

Merit's Sealant ServicesMerit Brass has been the nation’s leading pipe nipple manufacturer and master distributor of mating piping products since 1937. We take great pride in the quality products we procure for our wholesaler partners; and we know how important tight seals are throughout your piping system. For these reasons, Merit added teflon tape to our offering in 2002.  We also offer sealant services.



What is PTFE Thread Tape Used For?

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) Thread Tape, also referred to as Plumber’s Tape or Teflon Tape, is used to create a tight seal preventing water, gas, and air from leaking through threaded pipe connections. It acts as a lubricant to help make the threading a bit smoother to prevent pipes from sticking when disassembling.

To achieve the tightest seal, the thread tape should be wrapped in the direction of the threaded ends. Since it is designed to create a tight seal on its own, it is not necessary to use pipe sealant or pipe dope on top of the thread tape.

Teflon Tape is versatile and comes in different variations based several factors some of which include: application and density. To determine which type of PTFE Thread Seal Tape should be used in a particular application, the thread sealant is color-coded. Below are the five main colors of teflon tape:


Merit Pipe Nipple OEM InstallationWhile there are many applications that use PTFE Thread Seal Tape, it’s important to understand when it is not needed. Applications involving PVC, Copper, or PEX pipes use alternative sealing methods; and therefore, thread tape is not necessary. Teflon Tape is also not necessary when a rubber gasket or seal is already in place on a threaded pipe connection.


Reasons to Use PTFE Thread Seal Tape


Benefits of PTFE Thread Seal Tape


Merit’s PTFE Thread Seal Tape only requires two wraps to achieve a tight seal. It can also be disassembled and reassembled without any additional thread tape and will still achieve a secure seal. Our teflon tape has anti-galling properties because it is nickel infused which will result in a trouble-free seal.


Characteristics of Merit's Thread Sealant 


Tight Seal




High Pressure Resistance

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